The High IQ Box Fight Manoeuvres You MUST Use

Box Fighting is one of the most integral parts of playing Fortnite at the highest level.

Whether you’re engaging in a mid-game fight – or trying to survive for as long as possible during the end game – boxing up is the common denominator between everything.

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With Season 3 just around the corner and absolutely no events in sight, now is the best time to clean up your mechanics and learn a couple of cheeky tricks.

We’ve looked at box-fighting basics before, specifically focusing on Chapter 2. Now, we can look into some more advanced tips:

Fake Triangle Edit

The fake triangle edit takes a sick twist to the regular “peanut butter play” where you create a three point edit on the top right of your screen.

Instead of jump-peaking the edit – a tactic that is far overused and easily readable – perform a quick switch-a-roo by swapping the edit from the top right to the bottom left.

Take a look at this clip from Eclipsae, who hit this exact edit (0:25). (NB. Warning to all headphone users: there is some yelling at the end.)

Not only will you confirm your kills in style, this trick will throw your opponent off just enough for you to get that first shot more times than not.

Breaking Floor Below Cone

When you’re on the attack, your opponent will usually box up with a roof and cone over their head.

While you can attack them from the sides or the bottom, choosing to use this trick on their top could net you a free elimination:

Step 1: Attack their roof down to 1 hit

Step 2: Place your crosshair between the seams of the roof and side

Step 3: Continually chop until the floor **below** the cone is broken

Step 4: Instant replace the floor – confusing the heck out of your opponent

If done correctly, it should look something like this:

Box Fighting Tip from r/FortniteCompetitive

Most times the obvious play isn’t the right one. Thinking *outside of the box* will net you some of the freest eliminations of your life, pun intended.

Ramp Phase But With a Cone

You’ve got to be living under a rock at this point if you aren’t aware of how to set up the backwards ramp phasing exploit. If your name is, in fact, Patrick Star, the rundown is quite simple.

Placing your feet against the back of a tile in conjunction with placing a backwards stair (or editing a facing forward stair) will allow you to phase through the build and give you the opportunity to shoot through it.

The objective is to confuse your opponent for just long enough for you to land that big pump shot and secure the advantage.

The problem? If everyone knows about the phasing trick, any player worth his salt can easily tell when a player is shaping up to pull the quick ramp-phase-a-roo.

But fear not – there’s a solution!

While the stair is commonly used, almost nobody knows that you can do the same exact thing with a cone. You can configure the cone in a way that looks (and acts) identical to a ramp, so it makes logical sense.

Editing your ramp backwards? Meh. Editing your cone backwards? Now we’re cooking!

Good luck!

We’re counting down to Season 3 which is just around the corner.

Do yourself a favor and get your mechanics warmed up in preparation for Solo FNCS and all of those highly anticipated Trio Cash Cups!


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