5 Things You Need to Know About Mobility in Fortnite Chapter 2

In this article, Coach Dody gives five tips on how to maximise your mobility in Fortnite Chapter 2

Mobility has been a huge part of the controversy that is Fortnite Chapter 2 because there is almost no mobility. You are either running, swimming, on a boat or hitting the rare zipline.

However, there is a fair amount to consider when thinking about and improving your usage of mobility this season.

Check out these five points to improve your mobility in the current state of Fortnite. Consider booking a coaching session with Coachdody to improve your game!

1. Boats Are Just Ok

When I heard Fortnite was adding boats, I thought it was such a cool and unique spin on mobility in Fortnite. They move significantly faster than running, especially at top speed, and also incorporate a boost mechanic like some of the other vehicles have.

However, similar to the hoverboards, they provide little cover for you to protect yourself from opponents who will undoubtedly hear the loud engine of the boat.

In duos and squad modes, you can protect yourself while moving by having the person who is not driving build walls and other structures as needed. Although this can be a viable strategy, I avoid using boats in all game modes unless absolutely necessary. 

Fortnite is a battle royale game and having your opponent know exactly where you are is a huge disadvantage. Not only will they know where you are but, in a boat, it is more difficult to scout out other opponents to know their location and makes plans accordingly.

Conversely, when on foot, the ability to sneak attack the enemy gives you an amazing advantage, especially if you hit one or more of your first shots.

This leads us nicely onto our second point…

2. Natural Cover is your Best Friend

The ability to use natural cover effectively is extremely underrated in a game that mostly values self-built cover.

One key detail I notice that many of my coaching clients do not realize is that building a structure of any type lets your opponent know almost exactly where you are. There are ways to make what I call “fake builds” or deceiving builds that trick your opponent into thinking you are in one spot while you are in another.

This can also be done with natural cover. For example, you make a wall and stairs and then sneak back around behind a nearby rock to get a peek shot.

When rotating in Fortnite Chapter 2, using the natural cover of hills, rocks, trees and more to put yourself at an angle where no one will likely shoot you is critical. This can be useful even at times where you have almost max materials because your opponent won’t always know exactly where you are.

While in a fight where the storm circle is moving, I will often shoot my opponent from behind a wall and stairs and then immediately rotate using the proper angles of hills, even if it means taking a little storm damage to ultimately get the best angle or position. This is especially helpful in fights with three or more teams.

That being said, there are times where you should make a complete tunnel of builds to get to the circle or another desired location. 

3. You NEED to be Able to Build and Move through Shots

Being able to build and move through two+ opponents shooting at you is more important than ever in Fortnite Chapter 2.

In the first few seasons, you were lucky to get up one level of high ground while one opponent was shooting at you. Now it is an essential skill to get up multiple levels (or up and forward or up and backward, etc.) through an opponent’s shots.

It is important to note that your teammate hitting even one shot on an opponent here can make it dramatically easier to do this as rarely will an opponent continue shooting you down after taking a shot. 

To practice this, try hopping into ‘creative’ with one or two friends and have them shoot down your builds with multiple ARs while you practice moving and building in a variety of ways.

Making smart replacements of builds and listening to when your opponent is almost done with their ammo clip are helpful details to master. 

4. Materials are Easier to Get and You Need to Tunnel

If you haven’t noticed yet, materials are much easier to get than previous seasons.

With the lack of mobility and the need to tunnel so often while rotating, you will want at least half of max materials within the first five minutes of the game.

If you haven’t mastered any of the tunneling techniques yet, identify two or three you’d like to learn and start practicing.

You don’t absolutely need the crazy tunnels where you are constantly editing through things, but it is vital that you have a few ways to move and build while not taking damage.

5. Knowing Your Rotation is More Important Than Ever

With the addition of 100% chest spawn rates and a completely new map, knowing your exact rotation is as important as it has ever been.

At the highest level, players are mapping their exact routes through houses down to the swings of their pickaxe for optimal looting. If you know where the chests are every single time, you are at a significant advantage to those who don’t and can use backup plans when someone else is contesting your loot spot. 

Looting has always been a skill in Fortnite. But knowing your exact spots, chest spawns, and rotation options is more important than it ever has been, especially with the lack of mobility.

Make sure to have a backup plan or coordinate your plan with teammates ASAP when a person is contesting your spot.


If you’re interested in going more in-depth on some of these mobility skills then you can book a personal 1 to 1 coaching session.

There is so much more to learn about Fortnite Chapter 2. But keeping these five things in mind when rotating will definitely help you win more games and increase your Fortnite potential.

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