Introducing Fortnite to GamersRdy

When we started working on this platform, we were motivated by a desire to have a place where people could come to improve at whatever game they play.

Until recently, I had only ever had one game catch my interest enough to consider doing things like hiring a coach, reading in-depth articles on strategy or watching videos on how to skill up. That game was Rocket League.

But now I’ve discovered a second game worthy of my time. It’s a game no doubt many of you play as well: Fortnite.

I’m excited to announce that Gamersrdy is now adding Fortnite to the platform. We’re currently building an incredible team of Fortnite coaches and content creators to grow our community even more, and ultimately, to help you get you more wins.

Why Fortnite?

If you play Fortnite, you’ll know that the game is more fun when you’re the one getting kills and winning games.

Fortnite has the perfect mix of mechanical and strategical elements for coaching, resources and more. Much like Rocket League and CS:GO, if you can receive a bit of guidance and help as you’re trying to get better you will improve at a significantly faster rate.

Our philosophy is that you have more fun when you’re improving and winning more. Fortnite is the very epitome of a game that’s more enjoyable as you improve.

New Content and Coaches

Within the next few weeks, we will have the first group of coaches available for you to check out, along with regular free blogs covering everything from strategy and mechanics to the Fortite esports scene.

As well as adding Fortnite for 2020, we have some completely new resources coming that I think you will be excited about. We will have more updates in the coming weeks so make sure to join the discord and sign up for our monthy newsletter to stay up to date on everything GamersRdy related.


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