Top 9 Competitive Clips from Dust 2 Plus: Basic Match Strategy

Perhaps the most famous first-person shooter map of all time, Dust 2 received a well-deserved facelift towards the tail end of 2017.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the basic strategy for Dust 2 before giving you 9 of the best clips from competitive gameplay on this map.

Basic strategy on Dust 2

As things stand, Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams spawn in the same position on opposing sides of the map and the map is split into roughly three “lanes”.

Bombsite A is situated on the right lane whilst Bombsite B occupies the left, leaving the middle lane as a battleground for positional advantage and map control.

Some common strategies for Dust 2 include the infamous “Rush B” strategy where all five Terrorist players sprint to Bombsite B in the hopes of swarming, outnumbering and overwhelming the defending players.

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Another common strategy is the “B split”. As the name suggests, this is also an attack on Bombsite B. However, it is a two-pronged attack where the Terrorist team pinches the Bombsite from both angles.

The Counter-Terrorists will typically play to counter early aggression towards the Bombsites from the T side with smokes and flashes before falling back to more default defensive positions.

They will usually also fight for middle control or, at the very least, fight to ensure the opponent does not seize it for themselves. 

With all of that said there are a couple of ways to get more in-depth when it comes to strategy.

The first is getting someone with more experience such as a friend or a CS:GO coach. There are many ways this can become complex very quickly, especially when you start thinking about utilities, positioning and rotations. Having someone offer a different perspective to what you’re doing can help speed learning up.

Secondly, by watching others play. This list of moments on Dust 2 is definitely worth watching through.

Best 9 Clips and Moments from Dust 2

#1 S1mple fake awp throw

#2 ScreaM 1TAP vs LG

#3 How to lock down Dust 2 with map control ft. Astralis vs Mouz

#4 SL i-League StarSeries XIV Finals: GuardiaN vs. fnatic

#5 CS:GO – Pyth Insane ACE w/ 1 vs 4 Clutch vs G2 @ ECS Season 1

#6 Meme Alert…

#7 Shox Insane 1v4 Clutch vs LG – ESL Pro League

#8 ELEAGUE: Insane Tactical Ace by Fnatic flusha

#9 NBK vs flusha Knife Fight | ESL One Cologne 2015

These 9 clips are certainly some of the best moments on Dust2.

If you’re looking for a coach who specialises on Dust2 map you can filter the results by maps and get into how the map really plays out.


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