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About me:
My name is Carlos Neves, also known as Seven in the CSGO scene.
Ex-Player/Streamer/Coach from Portugal.

My Experience in CSGO:
I’m a Global Elite, level 10 faceit (I’ve been among the TOP 500 in Portugal).
Started playing CS:GO in the end of 2014, my first ever rank was silver 1 (yep, the worst rank in the game, it was my first ever fps game) and worked my way up to level 10 faceit and been there for about 2 years maybe more (which is the highest you can get), so what i mean by this is that i have gone through every single rank and i can help everyone do it too as long as they are willing to.
I have coached/analyzed amateur and semi-pro teams and individual players.


What would the sessions consist of:

    • We will arrange a date that best suits both sides and talk a little bit through discord about how you view yourself as a player, some self-examination on your part, so that i can get to know you as a player
    • In some cases, we might review a demo together where, as you do the mistakes in the demo, i will explain why that was a mistake and how you could have done it better. All that i explain about the demo, i will write it in the notepad and send you after the demo review so that you don’t forget what we talked about and what you need to improve or, if you prefer, i can record it and send it to you after the session
    • We might get into a server to train utility, pre-fire spots, off-angles
    • In the end of the session we will make a training regime that best suits the needs we analyzed during the session and i will recommend you some workshop where you can train and get better at it.

-Note that each player is different and we are going to make a session that best suits the player being taught


If we are doing a Team session:

    • We will go over a demo and analyze it
    • We will work on some tactics and plays
    • Talk about each role and how to solve the mistakes that player is making in that role
    • I will record the session and send it to the team


Like i said at the beginning, CSGO was my first ever fps game and i was really bad at it. If i was able to get to the highest rank, you are too! It will take some work and time, but, if you really want to get better at the game and enjoy playing the game, it will be easy peasy.

If you have any question feel free to add me on discord and ask. Discord: CarlosN#7581




Individual 1 to 1, Team Session



Role Focus

AWPer, Rifler, Entry Fragger, IGL, Lurker, Support

Speciality Focus

Communication, Aiming, Utility, Rotation, Ingame Leading, Mentality, Strategies & Positioning, Game Optimization

2 reviews for Seven

  1. aroundthecrux (verified owner)

    Good coach. Spent the time looking at my demos and gave helpful tips at every mistake. Very easy to talk to (even in English, not his first language). Gave helpful links/resources to help improve the game. Overall, highly recommended.

  2. Lucka Motsonelidze (verified owner)

    Good coach for sure. Helped me improve on few of my down sides and overall would highly recommend. He goes in detail about certain mistakes you have made and will explain them. Overall thank you Seven or as I like to call him Carlos

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