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About me:
Hello, my name is Joel or roX- and I have been playing CS:GO for the past 7 years, also I have been playing competitive CS:GO in teams for the past 3 years.

For these teams, I have played every role that they have had to offer and I myself have competed in many different leagues from ESEA Open, VAL League and also LAN events around the UK those being Insomnia 62, 63, 64, 65. At the most recent LAN I played at I was rated the 55th best player at the event out of 300+ people.

Since I have been playing for so long in teams, I know exactly what they are looking for and how to best prepare for playing in a competitive environment, I believe I can offer a lot of guidance that will hopefully improve you all round as a player so that you can go onto play at a level like me or even further. I have also been coaching since late 2019 where I have helped build up players from the lowest ranks or beginning stages of the game and helped them improve to a good high standard.

What will the session consist of:

  • I will first of all ask you to play a matchmaking game with me and ask for you to record the demo and send it to me.
  • With this demo I will screen share on a discord call and go through round to round and show you what you have done well and what could be slightly different to best benefit you.
  • After the demo review I will take you into a selection of different workshop maps and give you a specific aim training routine designed and tailored to you based on your play style. This will be something that you can do every day or every couple of days to gradually improve your aim more and more.
  • Finally after this I will take you into different custom maps and teach you smoke spots that you can use and also how to best adjust your crosshair placement to get you perfectly ready for any aim duel that you take. This overtime will benefit you a lot since you will get more and more practice at aiming at the most optimal places giving you an advantage over your opponent.

Why will any of this help me?

With the practice routine I give you, overtime you will see your aim improve more and more, this helps to build consistency so that you perform well in every game you play. The tips I will show you in the demo review will show you things that you shouldn’t be doing so next time you might have a better outcome on the in-game scenario. Also, if you are concerned that you will not remember some of the things I have been through, don’t worry because I will record the whole session and edit it into separate parts so that you can flick back to the parts that you have maybe forgotten.

Example of me playing:

This is my first frag montage that I made showing some of my highlights for that week.




Map Focus

Cache, Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Overpass, Train

Role Focus

AWPer, Rifler, Entry Fragger, Lurker, Support

Speciality Focus

Communication, Aiming, Utility, Rotation, Mentality, Strategies & Positioning, Game Optimization, Hardware



2 reviews for roX-

  1. Paul Simosia (verified owner)

    Just had 3 hours session with this man, what is extremely long and it’s hard and tiring to do. But he was able to fill all the time by constantly coaching and showing me new things, if you’re beginner or intermediate he’s the guy! Can’t review his ability for someone advanced but I’m MGE/DMG MM rank and he managed to coach me quite a bit. I do sincerely recommend this man.

  2. David Lacey (verified owner)

    Very good coach explains things very well !

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