About me
Hi, my name is Mathias and I’m 20 years old. I live and come from Denmark, and for the most of my life, it’s been a life between school, basketball and CS.  I decided last year to quit basketball, as I lost interest, and also to focus on school and CS. I’ve been playing CS for as long as I can remember, and I have recorded around 1K hours in CS 1.6, 7K hours in CS:S and give or take 4K hours in CS:GO.

Even though I am an “old-timer”, I can still provide help to newcomers, however, what I prefer to specialize in is either people looking for a team coach or more experienced players. I will custom tailor our sessions and to the best of my ability help you out, and get you the result that you are looking for.

About my coaching
To newcomers, Counter-strike might seem like a fairly simple game. However, have you played for a while, you will start to pick up that CS is a very tactical game, not just mechanically. How do I catch the enemies offguard? Where and when should I push? And general questions like where to start and learn it all? Or what did I do wrong?

What I want to focus on is you, and help you lose the frustration that you are struggling with, and make sure you get the right help that you need, rather than spending your time on what isn’t necessary. I am extremely professional when it comes to helping players seeking help, because if it was me, I wouldn’t except anything less from the coach. I have both coached basketball IRL, but also both CS:S and CS:GO, and as much as you need me to be professional, I also expect nothing less from you.

As I said earlier, I do not have anything preplanned, but it will be custom tailored for you and your needs. My coaching sessions consists of what you need help with. I focus and specialize on reading the game, how to adapt, how to react at a given situation, aim, movement, CT crossfires, retakes (also incldues utility usage), general utility usage, executes and how to play different roles. I can coach newcomers, however, I specialize in developing solo play for both intermediate and more experienced players. I also specialize in team coaching. I’m most comfortable helping out players whose rank is no less than MG-DMG, and all the way up to lvl 10 FACEIT.  For team coaching I prefer coaching on the following maps: Dust2, Mirage, Inferno, Overpass and Nuke.

How my coaching sessions work

  • First of all, if you have any questions that needs to be cleared up before booking a session, I’d be more than happy to answer, you can ask me via Discord (Matte34#9798)
  • After booking, I will contact you via Discord to set a date for the session. I will also send you a short Google Form before our session, so I can see what you need help with, get a general feeling of how good you are and your goals. I can also review demos and tell you what you are doing wrong, what you’re doing right and should be doing more often and then give explain to you what you could’ve and should’ve done instead of what you did wrong.
  • Our session(s) will start out with going through the Google Form rather quickly, so we can focus on what’s important (improving and coaching).
  • After our session(s), I will summarize the core points in written form and send it to you via Discord.

Coaching packages

You are able to choose between three different packages. The 1-hour package, 2-hour package and 3-hour package.

The 1-hour package

  • Description: 60-minute session of 1-to-1 coaching or team coaching. I will answer any questions you have and we’ll work on the areas of the game you need help with based on your Google Form. We’ll setup a private server to go through what we talked about. I can also live coach during games, tell you how to adapt, so you will learn what to do when X things happen.

The 2-hours package

  • Description: 120-minute session. This would include an in depth demo review of one of your games before the session and a 75-minute session of 1-to-1 coaching or team coaching (See contents of “The 1-hour package”. This includes going through the demo review. I can also live coach during games, tell you how to adapt, so you will learn what to do when X things happen.

The 3-hours package

  • Description: In depth demo review of up to two of your games before the session(s) and either two 45-minute or one 90-minute session(s) of either 1-to-1 or team coaching (see contents of “The 1-hour package”). This includes going over the demo review(s). I can also live coach during games, tell you how to adapt, so you will learn what to do when X things happen.


  • What was your highest rank?
    Global Elite, FACEIT lvl 10, and I’m still lvl 10 FACEIT.
  • How many ingame hours do you have?
    I have played around 1K hours in CS 1.6, 7K hours in CS:S and give or take 4K hours in CS:GO.
  • How many sessions should I buy? How many is best for me?
    Everyone learns on his/her own pace and I will not lie to you and promise you that one or two sessions will transform you magically. It takes hard work and dedication to improve long term. Test me out and see if you like what I have to say!
  • Do you coach teams?
    I do offer team coaching, feel free to get in touch with me via Discord: Matte34#9798.
  • Do you do live gameplay spectating sessions?
    Sure! I do live gameplay spectating for both 1-to-1 and team coaching! However, if you’re a team there has to be COACH available, so I can follow the game and help you adapt in time. For 1-to-1 you must be streaming, otherwise the delay will be too big.
  • Do you take on students outside of Europe?
    Yes! I am able to take on English- and Danish-speaking students of any region. Bare in mind, that too high ingame pings might make playing difficult. Let’s have a chat about it!
  • What if we run out of time?
    If you bought e.g. a 1-hour session, then you will get your 1-hour session, which I custom tailored to you. This means, that if it ends up taking more than the hour, then we will continue within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Can I ask you questions before booking and afterwards?
    Yes! Feel free to ask any questions, but please also be reasonable. I don’t have time to answer questions all the time, so try and make them as precise as possible, so I won’t have to answer 10 or 15 questions :).

English, Danish

Map Focus

Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass

Role Focus

AWPer, Rifler, Entry Fragger, IGL, Lurker, Support

Session Length

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours

Speciality Focus

Communication, Utility, Rotation, Ingame Leading, Mentality, Strategies & Positioning




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