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About me:
Hey, my name is Cameron and I have been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the past 5 years. I started playing competitively nearly 3 years ago, and since I have filled each role for multiple teams. Currently, I play for Ascension Reborn on ESEA. We started in open and advanced to intermediate in our first season and are planning to work towards advanced. With my prior CS experience, I believe I can help you become a better player.

The great thing about humans is that no one of is alike, we may look alike but not act alike. Every person plays CS differently, be it you are slow and methodical, or a Monkass who runs through smoke with a P90; everyone has their own style of CS. I would like to take time and get to know you and how you would like to play, as well as understand what you want to achieve and gain from this coaching session. I am here to water your conscious mind with CS knowledge and you will take that knowledge and grow into a beautiful and competent player.

I have been on 6 different teams in my Counter strike career as well as 4,900 hours in the game.

In that time I’ve played every role from In-game leader to lurking and entrying. Each requires their own different set of skills and depending on your play style will determine what your role you will play most. Generally, I support/entry for my team and my play style is a little reserved and safe, unless my IGL calls for me specifically to entry quickly.

I have also spent plenty of time understand and analysing games which is one way I would love to share my in-depth knowledge.


Feel free to message me anytime on Discord if you have any questions. When a session is booked I will contact you within 48 hours and set up a time to practice. One thing I will recommend is that you setup an ESEA or Faceit profile so that your progress can be tracked and improved over time. It also makes it easier to share vods so I can evaluate game-play that you have questions about.

Coaching Sessions:
We will start building a foundation that we will build off of. I will have some exercises set up to test your aim, reflexes, and movement. With your wants in mind, I will create a game plan with the main points and highlights that can help you improve at CS.

Please allow me time to formulate and write the game plan. If you have any questions, ask away at any time. I am here to help you improve as a player, at any aspect of CS from positioning, aim, reflexes, movement, mental, routine, specific scenarios, consistency or any other aspect of CS.

Please send in some vod’s for me to analyze, it will further help me understand how you play and find the areas needing improvement. I will hope to spend multiple practice sessions with you to create a solid structure on-top of the foundation we created.



Map Focus

Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Overpass, Train

Role Focus

Entry Fragger, IGL, Lurker, Support

Speciality Focus

Ingame Leading, Mentality


North America

2 reviews for Gone

  1. Christopher Tinney (verified owner)

    A super good dude, with a lot of helpful tips that are going to definitely help me as I grind to get better at CS:GO. I would recommend working with him!

  2. MattMcD374 (verified owner)

    About me, I used to play CS years ago and was sitting at gn2, currently at s3 and wanted to improve. Gone is actually a great coach and an even better person, he is super easy to talk to and gives really good advice. We started out on a training map just so he could get a feel for how I played. After that we played 2 wingmans and he helped me understand positioning and how to use my utilities effectively. We did end up playing a faceit and he was nothing but impressive from either fragging, being a good teammate, and over all being a good coach and saying what couldve been done differently. I would highly recommend Gone to anyone and I myself will be coming back for more once I improve my gameplay.

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Starting at $40

Metafy is a gaming coaching platform and community, similar to GamersRdy but 1000 times better.

Yes, certainly. You can find my profile following the link above. If you can’t find me then there are other coaches available!

GamersRdy will continue to exist for now but all coaches are moving over to joining the Metafy community.

You can message for support on Metafy Discord.





Each Rocket League course is built with graphics, videos, clips, quizzes, training drills and more



Experienced Rocket League coaches available for 1 to 1 or team coaching sessions



Chat with other Rocket League players from around the world and compete in events


1800+ unique 5 star reviews by GamersRdy students since we launched in 2018