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If you came here from Metafy, check out my testimonials blow. ????????????


English, German

Role Focus

AWPer, Rifler, Entry Fragger, IGL, Lurker, Support

Speciality Focus

Communication, Aiming, Utility, Rotation, Ingame Leading, Mentality, Strategies & Positioning, Game Optimization, Hardware



5 reviews for draus

  1. BonezCS (verified owner)

    Did a brilliant job of explaining things and going in depth on everything I was looking to learn, and trust me there’s a lot. We did a live demo review so I was able to watch it and see where he was taking notes of my gameplay to where I can improve upon. He is very good at ensuring I know why something is a good or bad play by going through the scenarios that could also happen. He does really well at teaching things such as player model positions and how utility works as well as how to use it and how to time it to get the most use out of it. He doesn’t give examples that are only useful in one specific scenario but rather that can be used in more general gameplay on what you will touch on. For someone who is MG1, 900 hours I think he did really well in explaining and helping me understand what I need to improve on, what I do well and where I can make some small tweaks and be infinitely better in my games. Definitely recommend him as a coach, will for sure be back for another session.

  2. jamesbaranharrison (verified owner)

    Draus was an amazing coach, despite being German his English is fluent and understandable, his lessons are structured and easy to understand, it’s obvious that he puts a lot of effort into his lessons, he planned a training schedule for me, he was also patient and answered all my questions. I won’t think twice about re hiring him as a coach.

  3. Ben Hodges (verified owner)

    Did a fantastic job of explaining the mechanics of the game, how to improve and where you are going wrong. Would highly recommend.

  4. Jordan Tan (verified owner)

    He helps out alot in various aspects of the game that you want to improve on. Rather than give strict examples with it can be used on certain conditions , he teaches the concept and how the game works. He is good at handling low – mid level players allowing the to grasp the basics and understanding of the game. He will plan ahead of lessons so that it will be easier for us to understand the game. There are also notes that he has prepared to give students. And this notes aren’t just in detailed it also tells where is the main bit you need to focus on.
    Thanks so much!

  5. Numic (verified owner)

    Really worth it. I am not going to say this again if you want to learn cs go just book him. He teach me so many things about cs go from inside out. He correct me so much on very minimal things and make me realise how important these things are. I am really regretting to book him only for 2 hour rather than 3 hours. He always explain in very easy way and teach you as much as he can even if it take some extra time.????????????

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Yes, certainly. You can find my profile following the link above. If you can’t find me then there are other coaches available!

GamersRdy will continue to exist for now but all coaches are moving over to joining the Metafy community.

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