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About me
My name is Mihails. I’m twenty-two years old, and for the last fourteen years, I have been playing Counter-Strike! Since 2015 I have been focusing on CS:GO and recently my playtime hit 7000 hours with the past 4 years being ranked Global Elite.

About my coaching
Everyone has their style; tell me about you, and we will work from there! Are you looking for answers? I can help you to find those and teach you tricks for finding solutions on your own! People around you will often tell you what to do, always trust your guts, ability to analyse yourself is fundamental in deciding of taking this advice or ignoring it. There are many pathways to the same destinations, looking for new ways to learn and improve as well as knowing how to embed those skills is very important for growing. I have plenty of experience from the front lines; everything I teach I tested on myself. I did it, and I know you can too!

I would always focus on getting all the possible information from you before the session so I could prepare all the necessary materials and use our time as efficiently as possible. So please allow me enough time to do so.

How does coaching session work?

  • Either before or after booking a session contact me via Discord Delinx#0179
  • I will contact you via Discord to agree on a date for our session. I will also send you Google Forms to fill in about you and your current situation, answer as many questions as you can to help me better understand you. I would also ask you to include links to multiple demos of your average games so I could analyse them before our session.
  • Based on the answers you gave in Google Forms and notes I made from demos, I will work on the session plan and materials for you to use during and after our session to assist you and help you to keep on learning and improving after our session. Please allow me enough time to finish the session plan and collect all necessary materials, topics you want to learn about will affect how long it takes me to complete it.
  • After the session plan is done, I will share it with you for review. After you approve the session plan we will agree on time and date, during the 60-minute session of 1 to 1 coaching, I will answer any questions you have; we will get into a private server to experience and demonstrate different exercises and scenarios. I will follow the agreed plan until we go through each topic; topics can be anything from movement, positioning, shooting mechanics, practice, mindset, team play, utility usage to more general themes.
  • After the session is done, I will summarize the core points of our discussion and send it to you in the written form; I will include my suggestions for you and a package of additional resources aimed to help you with aspects you want to improve. I will provide you a private recording of our session on YouTube accessible only by you and me, and you can go back to it any time you need to refresh something!

What can I teach you?

  • Mind:
  • How to develop awareness and inner dialogue, gamesense.
  • Methods of working with habits, how to develop new and end old ones.
  • Ways to control your emotions and feelings; anger, and frustration management.
  • How to interact with different types of teammates; how to make soloq work for you.
  • Reasons why you might not notice yourself improve.
  • How to deal with slumps, how to come out of them better and stronger.


  • Practice:
  • How to practice efficiently.
  • How to quickly find aspects which can be improved.
  • How to break complex skills down to smaller steps so learning would be more accessible.


  • Gameplay:
  • How to develop better positioning and movement.
  • Improve mechanically and automate decision-making of how and when you shoot. How to become quicker, more accurate, more deadly!
  • How to give and ask for the right info from your teammates.


  • Setup:
  • What are the right settings/equipment for me, what would and wouldn’t make a difference? Which physical habits are worth sticking to and which need to be left behind for further growth; e.g., sensitivity, unusual settings, etc.

And that is not all! I love this game, and I have been playing it for a long time, so I know many things and tricks! I still strive to learn something new every day!

If you want to make sure that I can answer your questions then feel free to contact me via Discord Delinx#0179 before you place the order, I would happily chat with you and let you know if I have experience in the topics of your interest!


  • What were your highest ranks?
    Global Elite, Level 10 (2600 elo) Faceit, A- ESEA.
  • Do you play for a team?
    I’ve been playing for different teams since 2016, so I have a lot of experience, it defiantly taught me a lot, and I think it’s a very effective way of improving and learning new skills. Also, it’s fun! I’m usually always in a team, and if I’m not I soon will join one 😀
  • Do you coach teams?
    I do not usually offer team coaching but feel free to get in touch with me via Discord Delinx#0179 .
  • What if we run out of time?
    If you bought a 1-hour session, you would get 1-hours’ worth of content! Even if it takes us slightly over an hour to get through it all, it’s not a problem! Depending on the number of topics you want to learn we might not have time to go through them all in time, in this situation you can either go through them on your own with the help of the materials I gave you or book another session for my assistance.
  • How many hours of coaching is enough for me?
    It’s your call! It depends on your experience and what you are looking for, so it’s hard to guess. After you had your first session, it would be easier to see if you need more hours on the same topics or if you want my help with some other problems.
  • Will you answer my questions in the future outside the Session?
    If it is within a reasonable amount, frequency, and complexity, then sure, I will answer your question!
  • How do I schedule my session time and date?
    Please get in touch with me via Discord Delinx#0179, and we will find a time that fits both of us!
  • Can you coach me in Russian?
    Да, я буду рад провести урок на Русском! Но пожалуйста примите во внимание что дополнительные материалы, которые я вам предоставлю после урока в большинстве своём будет состоять из англоязычных ресурсов.
    (Yes, I will be happy to coach you in Russian! But please keep in mind what most additional materials I provide you after the session is in English.)

My steam profile:



Map Focus

Cache, Cobblestone, Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Overpass, Train

Role Focus

Rifler, Entry Fragger, Lurker

Speciality Focus

Communication, Aiming, Utility, Mentality, Strategies & Positioning, Game Optimization, Hardware



3 reviews for Delinx

  1. Shawn Sheng (verified owner)

    Experianced and professional, and just an awesome guy in general, Delinx has went above and beyond in everything I was looking for within my session.
    Delinx will share you the dos and don’ts with his life-long experiance as a CS player and many things an average aspiring player will take years to hone in.

  2. charlie staniforth (verified owner)

    Exellent coach, comes very prepared for your session.
    He pre-watched some demos of mine and took notes for us to go through, and was even nice enough to teach me how to look through my own demos to learn from.

    Very intelligent person with regards to CSGO and when it comes to mindset in-game etc.

    Would highly recommend Delinx for a CSGO coach

  3. 8bitnerdpatt90 (verified owner)

    Delinx is a very insightful and intelligent coach. He is very good at explaining various concepts and game mechanics. Before a session with him begins he will send you a form to fill out that helps him better understand your situation and how to set up the lesson for you. In my case I found this form to only take about half an hour to fill out. Delinx also provides a good amount of visual aids for use in the session in the form of a interactive presentation slide and a full recording of the session that you can look back on at any time.

    Overall Delinx is the right choice if you are a intermediate player who needs some help learning the game better or some pointers.

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