About me
Hey, my name is CuriS and I’ve been playing CS:GO since early 2015. I have coached several people in the past and started off by a friend asking me to coach him a few years ago to which I agreed. I had fun with it, he improved and got from MG1 to LE in 2 weeks so I decided to keep doing so to gain more experience as a coach and get another point of view on the game. Analyzing specific players’ gameplay has improved my own game as well as developing me from just another player into a teacher and coach. I wish to keep improving as both a player and a coach as there is always something new to learn and master.

As there is no perfect player and no single playstyle is the best for everyone, I will do the best possible job at figuring out your playstyle and how to build around it to bring out the best in you. Depending on what you want to improve, you will get a personalized practice routine made to improve your weaknesses and develop your strengths even further.

How the coaching session works :

  • We get in touch via Discord ( CuriS#7205 ) either before or after booking.
  • If you have any questions before booking, feel free to ask in DMs and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Once you book me, We arrange a time for our session that fits you.
  • We talk either through messages or get into voice so I get to know you a bit, you tell me what you want to improve the most and what you think you are the best at.
  • You send me either an average game demo for me to review or a special demo where you’d like me to explain something or just help out in general.
  • During the sessions, I will answer any questions you have.
  • Once I watch the demo with you, I will create a custom practice routine, containing all links for maps you will need, times, and detailed explanations of how and why.
  • The time you book me for is one hour, but that will be an effective one hour of coaching, and outside of that time, I will write up your routine.

What I can teach you and help with:

  • AWPing – Aggressive AWPing to be precise, how and when to be aggressive with the AWP
  • Positioning and map awareness – When to rotate and how to set up a hold
  • Knowing how and when to peek – General timings and technique
  • Practice routines – Custom tailored to each student to improve mechanical skill (including both aim and movement in the form of KZ Climb)
  • Autoexec setup – Helpful commands, various binds, etc.
  • Mentality – How not to choke stressful situations, how to remain calm regardless of your score and teammates
  • Demo review – Showing you your mistakes, explaining why that is a mistake, how to fix it, explaining why a good play you did was good
  • Teams – How to set up team practices for Low/Medium teams, how to improve team play, how to learn from past games


  1. Do you play for a team? – Yes! I absolutely love playing in a team environment. It brings out the best in you but it is also the hardest thing to learn in this game. The team I am playing in right now is a roster about 2 months old with the base going back 8 months.
  2. Do you coach teams? – At the moment no, but as soon as Team coaching is added to GamersRdy, I will coach teams as well.
  3. What if the time runs out before we’re finished? – The time won’t be on a stopwatch exactly 60 minutes, if it gets a bit prolonged, we will finish up what is needed rather than stopping halfway through.
  4. How many hours of coaching do I need? – It’s all up to you. You can just book one where we do a demo review and a practice routine, but if you want to go very in-depth into many things, I would recommend 2 or even 3 hours depending on what you want to master.
  5. Can you help me if I have some questions outside the coaching session? – If the questions are reasonable, aren’t spammed, and don’t take too much effort, yes.
  6. How do I schedule my session with you? – Just message me on Discord ( CuriS#7205 ) and we’ll figure out a time.
  7. What is your highest rank? – Global Elite, been holding on to that rank since 2017 with only losing it once due to rank decay but I got it back the same day, FaceIt Level 10 as well.
  8. What was your first matchmaking rank? – I started out in Silver 4, CS:GO was the first CS game I ever played so I didn’t know much, but since the beginning, I just loved the game and I still love it to this day!


Map Focus

Cache, Dust II, Inferno, Mirage

Role Focus

AWPer, Rifler

Speciality Focus

Aiming, Utility, Rotation, Mentality, Strategies & Positioning




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