Introducing CS:GO to GamersRdy

We’re excited to announce that we will soon be adding a new game to the platform: Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

As GamersRdy starts to establish itself as the ‘training’ community hub of competitive gaming, it is only natural to expand into new games. This will enable us as a community to grow, providing coaching and resources to more players around the world.

Introducing CS:GO to GamersRdy

Why CS:GO?

Counter Strike is one of the most established competitive games in the world. There is a strong desire from many players to improve and compete at high levels.

We want to contribute to this existing scene by providing the training and insights to help players improve. Ultimately, we want more gamers to enjoy the game and have a more fun experience whilst being part of a community.

We decided to pursue a game that was completely different from Rocket League, our first supported game. We hope this will help diversify our player base and community, maturing the platform and giving us more opportunity to learn from a different point of views from within the world of gaming.

Coaches & Content Teams

There will be two main teams that will be focused on growing the CS:GO side. These will be the Coaching Team and the Content Team.

The coaches that have already agreed to join the CS:GO Coaching team have thousands of hours of experience in playing and coaching. If you are interested in being a coach you can sign up to our email launch list or join the community on Discord as we will be announcing these details.

Once the coaching is up and running, we will be releasing weekly content for CS:GO players of all ranks and abilities. These will cover a wide range of different topics from in-depth guides to aiming and positioning, to mastering specific roles such as IGLs and AWPers.

If you have experience in playing and coaching for CS:GO you can apply to become a coach.

When will CS:GO coaching be available?

It is hoped that we will be going live over the next few weeks. At this point, we aren’t putting a specific date on the launch. However, we’re confident this will be possible given our progress so far.

If you want to be the first to know when we are live, make sure to sign up to the email list to get notified or join us on Discord.

Building a genuine esports training community

We’ve said this before and we’ll keep saying this: our vision is to be the go-to training hub for all major esports titles.

GamersRdy is not a corporate-funded organisation. Our success will only be possible with the help of the community. As long as you enjoy yourself by learning something new in your favourite game, then we’ve accomplished our goal.

You can read more about our views on why and how GamersRdy decides to expand into new games in this recent interview around coaching and esports.


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