Tips for Beginners in CS:GO (5 Main Principles)

In this piece, GrumpyMonk (aka: Matt) runs through five of the main principles for CS:GO players to keep in mind as they approach the game.

As CS:GO continues to grow in popularity (estimated between 50 to 100 million players) so does the level and competition of its players.

It’s no secret that toxicity and hacking are still real issues in the community, but when these are pushed aside, Global Offensive has a huge amount of depth.

Even if you’ve been playing for years, a fresh reminder on what to keep in the back of your mind is always a good thing.

In this piece, we’ll go over 5 principles that should help you and your overall game strategy and allow you to win more and rank up.

1. Improve your aim and consistency

You can’t be a top tier player if you’re not able to rely on your aim every now and then.

NiP REZ has this great guide to show how you can improve your aim with practice and warmup routines:

You need to make sure that you’re stopping when shooting, hitting more often than missing and learning the spray patterns to be able to adapt your aiming based on the weapon you’re using.

2. Think about Game Sense and Positioning

When playing CS:GO, you need to know when to act and when not to act. Working on your game sense and positioning will have an immediate impact on your gameplay.

On top of this, understanding your teams positioning (using the map), knowing the economy of the game (both your team and yourself, but also the opponents), and having a sense of possible prefire angles and just the basic smokes are also very helpful tools.

Each of these areas has a huge depth to them, something I would be happy to cover in a coaching session with you if needed.

3. Be a team player, not a solo player

This is probably the most important principle, weirdly enough.

If you’re ever watching any of the esport tournaments, you’ll quickly see how much communication and team play is used throughout the entire match.

You need to be a calm player, who can efficiently give information on what is happening or drop your weapon for teammates if they’re asking.

Don’t be the guy who mutes their team and plays as a solo player.

You might be one of the best players in your team but that will only get you so far. You won’t be able to continue to win without playing with your team.

If your aim is not the best it’s not the end of the world, you can still get things done way more efficiently if you play it as a team, rather than if you have good aim and just mute your team and play the game solo.

This is the single most important tip to win more CS:GO matches.

4. Improve Your Rotation

Here is a 15-minute guide that digs into an example of FURIA vs Astralis, with a particular emphasis on rotations and aggression.

It’s definitely worth the whole watch if you’re wanting to see how the pros do it and what is going through their mind:

One essential tip I have to emphasize: Never rotate off of a site fully. There can always be a lurker on the other site of the map.

If you rotate too early because you spotted the bomb at the other site, the lurker might call that the other site is clear and they will fall back, and you’ll have lost the site and very likely the round. This is especially important against eco rounds!

Call out everything you are doing. E.g. if you’ve pushed somewhere, make the call. If it’s clear, you can tell players to rotate and you can solo anchor the bombsite. Make a play somewhere on the map, and with the intel you’ve gained, you should be able to rotate accordingly.

The key on rotations is to TALK and play it as a team!

5. Now rank up to Global Elite…

If you’re able to improve aim, improve your game sense and learn how to be as a good teammate then you’ll have a much better shot at reaching the top rank.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no real easy way to get there, but by applying these tips (especially team play) as well as watching pros and guides, then you’ll be able to.

Of course, I’m also available for coaching sessions, so if you’re looking for a more personalized session then drop me a line on Discord ( Matte34#9798 ) or book me right away and we can get something set up.


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