GamersRdy Summer Events: Interview with the Winners

Over the past few weeks, we got to enjoy three summer events put on by GamersRdy: a car design contest, a 1v1 tournament and a H.O.R.S.E. tournament.

We sat down with these winners to get some insight into their approach and road to success.

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Interview with Vize Flare

Winner of the H.O.R.S.E. Event on the 2nd of July

1) So you’re the H.O.R.S.E. winner! How does it feel?

It makes me feel good and a little bit surprised knowing that I was able to win a competitive event. When I was looking at other applications, I was scared seeing the SSL and GC 2s as I average a D3. It definitely makes me more confident in my mechanical abilities.

2) What was your strategy going into the matches? Did you get warmed up?

I warmed up before every match except for the match that I didn’t even know I was playing in until the last minute (the finals). I didn’t really have a strategy going into the first match, but after I lost my 3rd match, I realized some people have way better abilities than me and I need to cope with that.

I started going for flip resets (I usually hit 9 in 10 of my flip resets) until I got forced to stop by the judges and I only went for 2 complicated shots. In the finals, I took my first shot as a warmup shot and my second as my shot that would decide the winner, a clean ceiling to pogo to flick.

3) Do you plan to take part in future GamersRdy events? Any final thoughts on how the event went?

I definitely plan on taking part in as many GamersRdy events that I can. I already tried getting in three but only got in two of the summer events.

I believe all I have to say now is thank you for helping make GamersRdy a thing and allowing people to learn while having an amazing time as I did.


Interview with Winner: Spider_RL 1v1 Winner

1) So you’re the 1v1 Summer Blast winner! How does it feel?

I’m very happy I was able to win the 1v1 Summer Blast. I was a little worried about the finals. I know Carca is a good player and can take me down but I’m happy I was able to take the win this time.

2) What was your strategy going into the matches? Did you get warmed up?

I try to stay as calm as possible in every match I play. That’s a crucial part of 1s but very hard to do against the best players.

If you start getting desperate in a 1v1 matchup, you will start making easily preventable mistakes you normally wouldn’t make, a good opponent will notice that and immediately take advantage of the situation. However, it’s not because you know you need to stay calm that you can actually keep yourself from panicking.

The mental aspect is very important in 1s but really difficult to control and still one of my greatest weaknesses. The only way you can really teach yourself to stay calm is by putting yourself in those stressful situations as much as possible by grinding 1s and gaining a lot of experience.

I also try to close every gap between me and my opponent as quickly as possible, leaving too much space in 1s can quickly get dangerous, sticking to my opponent has always been part of my playstyle to prevent giving my opponents any shooting opportunities but the challenge with that playstyle is to keep yourself from overcommitting to the play and therefore being unable to get back in time.

As for warming up, I play Freeplay while I’m queueing for a ranked game and I play a few 1s ranked games before getting into a tournament.

3) Do you plan to take part in future GamersRdy events?

For sure! I really enjoyed the tournament, it was a lot of fun playing in and I’m grateful I was allowed to participate. If GamersRdy ever hosts another 1v1 tournament, I will certainly sign up!

4) Any final thoughts or advice to others wanting to get into 1v1 matches?

I highly recommend 1s to every player especially if you’re lower-ranked player blaming your teammates a lot. If you are, it’s time to get into 1s and you’ll likely realize you’re the one making bad touches or other mistakes that can make it harder for your teammates in 2s and 3s. 1s really teaches you to always focus on yourself before blaming others.

There are many aspects of Rocket League you get better at by playing 1s and some of the things you learn in 1s, you don’t learn or don’t learn as quickly in other game modes in my opinion. One of the very important things 1s teaches you is keeping the ball with you, using 50/50s instead of booming the ball away every time. 1s teaches you to optimize every touch you make and play the most efficient way possible.

If you haven’t played much 1s yet and you wanna boost your improvement, I can only recommend grinding 1s and over time you’ll start noticing improvement in mind games, ball control, general mechanics, boost management, touch efficiency, and many other aspects of Rocket League.

1s can be very tilting at times but equally satisfying in my opinion. It’s important not to give up when you think you’ve hit a wall and can’t get better anymore, the more you push yourself the better you get no matter what other people say.


Interview with Car Design Contest winner: Skyth17

1) So you’re the Summer Car Design Contest winner! How does it feel?

Feels great! I love designing builds in this game and sharing them with the community! Also, I was dying to share this build.

2) How did you come up with the design? What’s the thinking behind the setup?

Shhhhh! I may be a designer for Pimp My Rocket League Ride!

I built this a little bit ago but just have been looking for a good place to share it where it made sense. It was based on the phyrros inverted (unpainted) wheels that are on it and their “hard to match” color which I really liked the uniqueness of (hence the boost being the unpainted one, it matches that odd orange-red color.)

The R34 Skyline was perfect because you notice there are no painted or grey plastic areas on it, which is a lot like the wheels where the color reaches every corner.

3) Do you have any tips or advice for other car designers to improve how to present their car in Rocket League?

As far as tips, I personally love to make builds by picking out one part first (usually a wheel, boost, or decal) then create myself a theme I’m going to use, then build the car around that part until it looks like it was meant to be.

All my builds are ones I can say with 100% certainty that I would gladly use in ranked and know look awesome. If I wouldn’t rock it proudly as a main look in-game, then it’s not good enough or not done yet haha!

I actually have a tutorial on YouTube on how I make the crazy screenshots I’m known for around the design community too!


A big thanks to all who helped setup these competitions and congratulations to all the winners! We hope to do more fun community events like this in the future so make sure to join our discord to stay up to date!

Thanks for reading this article, and I hope you guys found something helpful. Again, if you’re looking to hire a coach you can find me here as well as other coaches and courses.


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