Underrated Rocket League Twitch Streamers to follow in 2021

At the end of September 2020, Rocket League went free to play, and with that, millions of new and old players jumped into the game. It was only expected that the impact would then be immediately felt on Twitch.

According to Twitch Tracker, since the shift to free to play the average number of Rocket League viewers has increased 200% from about 10,000 viewers to 30,000 viewers.

Not only did the number of viewers increase but so did the number of channels streaming Rocket League. For this reason, it felt right to ask the community who they thought were some of the most influential and underrated Twitch streamers in Rocket League.

GamersRdy Tweeted out and within minutes personal recommendations came flooding in: 

This list is in no particular order, but with that said, based on the past few months of activity and focus on the game, here are 10 Underrated Rocket League Twitch Streamers to follow in 2021.

1. French1000

Followers: 5.4k Followers as of April 2021

About: ‘Rocket League + Mashed Potatoes + Good Looks = Me. :)’

Twitch Profile:

2. Swave

Followers: 6.3K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘My name is Swave or Johnny and I’m 22 years old. I enjoy playing videos games competitively. Fakes and average gameplay is my specialty.’

Twitch Profile:

3. Hoodyhooo

Followers: 5.8K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘Rocket League Coach just out here trying to enjoy life :D’

Twitch Profile:

4. Flashforce

Followers: 18.1K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘Husband. Father. Gamer. Always feel free to say hi – check out the YouTube’

Twitch Profile:

5. MG Homie

Followers: 15.8K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘Car Ball Main. Coaching, Tips, and MEMES. Cancer destroyer. LIVE Monday – Friday 11am PST’

Twitch Profile:

6. Mclando

Followers: 22.3K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘I stream things’

Twitch Profile:

7. Neato

Followers: 28.8K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘camila | gamer since ‘95 | rocket league main’

Twitch Profile:

8. Widow 

Followers: 40.1K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘HI FRIENDS! Widow or MJ. RL Streamer and Content Creator for Spacestation Gaming. 1st female Rocket League streamer to complete the 1 year challenge, currently doing the 2 year challenge. Come ask me what day it is :)’

Twitch Profile:

9. Veeds

Followers: 1.8K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘Rocket League content creator for SSG! I’m probably the worst GC in existence but that’s not what I’m about, hang out with me for some fun, laid back streams! :)’

Twitch Profile:

10. King Ranny

Followers: 33.6K followers (as of April 2021)

About: ‘Your friendly neighborhood Ranny’

Twitch Profile:

All of these streamers put in a ton of work and time into entertaining us so drop them a follow if you think you’ll enjoy their Rocket League content.

We did a similar post to this way back in 2019 for YouTube content creators and it’s been fascinating to see how they have done since then too. 

If you think any underrated streamers were missed from this list then make sure to Tweet us or join our Discord to let us know about them!

To become one of the best, it takes thousands of hours of experience. If you are looking to climb the ladder, just know that it can be done but it takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to do so. If you want more personal help you can book a coaching session with any of our experienced Rocket League coaches


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