Rank Up: A Simple Strategy To Win More Ranked Matches In Rocket League

One of the hardest aspects of Rocket League is the mental toll it can take trying to end a night of ranked with a positive record.

It feels so pointless when you play Rocket League for 3 hours and come out only one or two games ahead, or even worse, five games behind and a few divisions lower.

About 2 years ago, I came up with a strategy for how to approach ranked matches that I still use today, especially when I queue with my brother for doubles.

In this article, I’m going to outline exactly what this strategy is and how you can apply it to your own game.

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Forget about Individual Games

This phrase sums it all up. One of the major differences between competitive Rocket League in tournaments is that usually, you get to play against a team for more than one game and so you have more than one chance to actually win. Winning isn’t about winning one game, it’s about winning the series!

I decided that I wanted to start applying this mentality to ranked and it really does help you deal with losses in a positive manner!

When we jump into our first ranked match, we are starting a best of five series

We play every game as though it is a part of a best of five series. This helps us not to over celebrate wins and also keeps us from overreacting to losses.

If you lose game one, you’re now down a game in that best of five series. Even though the next team is not the same team, it’s just a way of viewing ranked.

If for some reason you lose the next game, it’s ok, you’re still in the series. From this perspective, a two-game losing streak isn’t the end of the world. You’ve still got a chance to ‘win’.

I can’t tell you the number of times my brother and I have reverse swept our series. Almost every time we play, it happens!

Always Finish Your Series

Its easy to find yourself frustrated and just wanting to quit but I recommend always trying to finish your series.

Basically, play Rocket League in five-game stretches, or three if you are winning every game. Often, by the time we’re warmed up, we’re able to start getting 3-0s.

This strategy works because it makes it so that ranked feels more like a real tournament. This method will help motivate you to have better comms and play more as a team in general because the focus is bigger than just winning the game in front of you

The War is More Important than the Battles

The only way to make this method work is if you have the right focus.

Sure, this can help you focus less on individual games but if your mentality is off, you’re not going to be able to make this work. The simple reality is that coming out of a night of Rocket League a few games ahead is a win!

Ranked is an absolute jungle these days. It’s unpredictable and often difficult to navigate. Teams have different playstyles, solo queuers often dominate through aggressive, physical play, and for us, the best way to handle all of this is to stop focusing on the individual battles

Good luck in your best of five ranked matches!

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