20 Rocket League Tips to improve in 2020

Going back to 2019, we’ve seen Rocket League constantly evolving.

Fortunately for GamersRdy, this has been nowhere more apparent than in the meta around improvement and coaching, both of which have become a much bigger thing over the past year.

In the past year, I’ve learned quite a bit about what it takes to rank up and improve. In this article, I’m going to give you 20 tips to improve at Rocket League in the current meta:

20.  Practice in Boomer Mode

There are a few variations of Boomer Mode but here is one of the more popular ones:

  • Max speed: super fast 
  • Weight: super light 
  • Bounciness: super high 
  • Boost strength: 1.5x 
  • Boost strength: 1.5x 
  • Unlimited boost

Boomer Mode may seem like just a silly mode where you fly around like crazy chasing an uncontrollable ball. However, the mode actually does help you improve your overall car control, especially in the air.

If you practice aerials in Boomer Mode for an hour and then jump into a regular match, you’ll feel like you have a better sense of what it takes to hit solid aerials. 

Give a try and see what you think.

 19. Try Out My Rocket League Mechanics Course

In partnership with GamersRdy, I’ve created a course dedicated to the single most important aspect of Rocket League in my opinion: mechanics.

This course is so much more than just videos: it’s super interactive with things like training packs, quizzes, and tons of information for you guys.

Now, if you’re currently a Grand Champ, honestly this might not be for you. But if you’re somewhere between Bronze and Champ, this could be the perfect course for you.

I go over everything from doing the fast aerial, to flip resets and wave dashing.

Click here to check the course out!

18. Play in a League

Number 18 goes to something I’ve personally experienced: the idea of playing in some sort of league or tournament.

If you’re looking for something easy and simple, I would absolutely recommend Indy Gaming League. This is a league that is available for casual players of any rank. You’ll be matched up again players of a similar skill level.

Playing in tournaments and leagues gives you that feeling, that bit of excitement. Whatever it is, it makes Rocket League more fun and it helps you learn to play better under pressure.

17. Practice One Specific Thing in 1-Hour Increments

This is something that I’ve been implementing especially in the last year: whether it’s something very complicated and highly technical like flip resets or stalls or something like aerials or double touches, you can improve at it extremely fast if you practice it in 1-hour increments.

Work on it for 1 hour, take a break, maybe come back the next day or later that day, but dedicate a good chunk of time at specific things for an hour at a time.

In just a few days, you’ll see massive improvement.

16. Try Out Some New Camera Settings

Sometimes you can improve at Rocket League by working really hard on improving in specific areas but sometimes the best thing you can do is just switch stuff up.

If you haven’t, check out liquepedia’s article on different pros’ camera settings. Find some of your favorite pros and players—those who you look up to or whose playstyle you like—and try out their settings.

It’s always going to feel weird when you switch up your settings so make sure to give it more than just a few minutes. Play a few games. Spend some time in Free Play. And maybe you’ll find one that sticks.

15. Watch RLCS Replays

In the last video on improving that I made last year, I talked about watching your own replays.

This is super valuable and still stands as good advice but I’d definitely recommend also taking some time to watch RLCS replays or pro replays.

You can usually find updated RLCS replays on the website Ballchasing. If you’ve never used a site like this, here’s a video explaining how to actually get those replays into your replay files.

I like to watch pro replays from a sort of drone cam up high to get a sense of how the whole team makes decisions: how they rotate, which ways they rotate, and to get a sense of the overall pace of the entire team.

Of course, you can watch from the player perspectives as well. But this is a fun way to really learn about how Rocket League is meant to be played. The more you watch high-level play, the more that sort of pace and tempo will be sort of instilled into your own gameplay.

14. Take Care of Your Health

This is something I don’t think you’ll hear very often from people giving Rocket League tips: you absolutely need to learn to take care of your health.

It’s really difficult to improve at anything, if you’re not taking care of yourself. Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night WILL ABSOLUTELY help you to learn and apply Rocket League skills faster than the guy staying up till 4am “grinding.”

That guy sitting up all night drinking Monsters just doesn’t have a chance against the guy who gets a solid night of sleep, drinks water and devotes quality time to their own improvement.

If you feel like you’re getting stuck, it might be because your own personal health is stuck.

13. Play More Than One Game Mode

It’s easy to get in a rut of playing one game mode in Rocket League. I know. I’ve been guilty of this before.

But switching up your game mode or playing more than one game mode, especially including some 1s in your playtime, can really help you improve at the areas where you are lacking.

A lot of times, the reason you don’t play a game mode is because it shows up the areas where you need improvement. So try to work on your rank in all of the game modes (except Snow Day, that probably won’t help you).

12. Master Your Car Control

Now, there’s lots of ways to work on car control. Things like the obstacle courses and various workshop maps are great places to start if you’re on PC.

Work on these courses with your car facing forward, upside down, and even sideways to test your car control.

If you like a good challenge, working on car control is the place to go. If you’re not on PC, practice scoring aerial goals upside down, sideways. Try freestyling around the map. Just learn to do things in different ways to really get a sense of what your car can do and how you can best move it.

11. Master Ball Control  

This is similar to mastering car control. But ball control is fundamental to good Rocket League play.

One of my favourite things to work on is carrying the ball on top of my car while dribbling around the field. You can even trying to permanently drift and spin with the ball on top of your car.

This is really difficult and I’ve had to put in quite a few hours to get where I am now, even though I still kinda suck at it. People like Evample can do this for way longer. 

Another great way to work on ball control is by trying the infinite air dribble. Obviously, it’s not going to be infinite in Free Play. But you can still try to keep breaking your previous records.

There’s also the air dribble map in the steam workshop. That’s a great way to master ball control as well.

10. Play 1s Against Someone Better Than You

This may be one of the best things you can do to improve your whole game overall.

I believe in my last video, I said to play with people who are better than you. I’ve always advised people do that to improve fast. But another, sort of similar tip I could give is that you play 1s as often as possible vs someone who is significantly better than you.

More than any other game mode, 1s brings out all the little problems you may have: from decision making to defensive positioning. When you play 1s vs someone who’s way better than you, this can really help you see where you’re lacking.

It may be frustrating but if you have the right attitude, it’s a great little exercise. When you play vs people who are better than you, if you have the right mindset, you’ll start to play slightly up to their level.

9. Master a New Mechanic

Take a look at the Rocket League landscape. Where are you lacking? What is that one thing you just haven’t committed any time to and lets you down in games?

Maybe it’s just something flashy like double rapid resets or breezi flicks.

I’ve learned to love mastering new mechanics and I think you can too if you set aside time to working on something new.

Stretching your skills in Rocket League is a great way to improve your overall game.

8. Find a Local Tournament to Play In

I realize many of you guys won’t have the opportunity to do this because maybe there aren’t any near you, but even if you have to drive a few hours, the experience would be totally worth it.

I did this a few months back, playing in a tournament in Wisconsin. I made an entire video on it that you guys can check out.

It was a crazy event but it was just so fun getting to play under extreme pressure even though there was really no audience and like only 12 people competing.

It’s so much fun to play vs people live and it’ll give you that excitement that maybe you felt when you first started playing ranked.

7.  Go to RLCS

Go to RLCS if you can.

Every time I go to RLCS or even watch the live finals, I get so pumped up and so much more excited about Rocket League again.

Sadly, this past RLCS was cancelled. But, hopefully, the next one will happen around the end of the year—maybe fall or so—and if you can get a chance to go, I cannot recommend this enough.

You’ll meet tons of people like you—basically a bunch of Rocket League nerds—and you’ll come back refreshed and excited about the game.

6. Hire a Coach

It has to be said, hiring a coach is one of the best ways to improve at Rocket League.

The great thing about GamersRdy is that you can spend as little as 15 dollars if you wanna just try it out. Alternatively, you can spend a bit more money and hire someone who’s coached on a professional level.

A Rocket League coach can help you get a sense for what you need to improve on and how you can actually go about improving fast.

I cannot recommend this enough. If you want to get a feel for what this can look like, check out SunlessKhan’s video hiring coaches on GamersRdy.

5. Shut Off Unlimited Boost in Free Play

This is kind of random and specific but it’s a good way to get a better sense of boost management and how to maintain speed while rotating. Go into your settings and turn off unlimited boost in Free Play.

Now you can work on hitting the ball around, maintaining speed and momentum and do all of that while focusing on getting boost.

A lot of people just practice with unlimited boost, which definitely has its place, but this can be a nice little change up so that you don’t get so used to having unlimited boost.

4. Use Tools from Ballchasing

This year, why not use some of the awesome tools on Ballchasing to get a sense of what your doing in Rocket League compared to other players.

Examples of positioning, heatpmaps and watching replays can be found right here on Ballchasing.

This can help you get a sense for what your teammates and opponents are doing and what their tendencies are. If you’re seriously tryharding as a team, you could all look at this together.

I realize most players and teams won’t do this kind of stuff but it can be really helpful.

3. Use BakkesMod

BakkesMod is a trainer that injects itself into the game program. (Be careful though! Some anti-cheat software might confuse it with cheat software.)

One player who I see use this all the time is jstn, especially in Free Play with the redirect plugin.

Go get BakkesMod up and running and start hitting redirects and passes like a boss. This is an amazing way to take your Free Play experience to the next level.

Seriously, more than anything this is just a great way to warm up. If you’re good enough, you could hit some insane stuff like jstn does. 

2. Try a new car

The ultimate way to switch things up, besides switching camera settings and maybe changing which map you use for Free Play, is switching which car you use.

This is a great way to get a new look at the game. For example, if you’re an Octane guy, which probably 90% of you are, going over to the Dominus can be a great way to feel the game in a completely new way.

The Dominus is amazing. But it’s so different for Octane players. Give it a try sometime, or maybe try out the Fennec, or something totally random.

Make sure you give it more than just two games. Play for a whole week with a different car and see how you feel when that week is done.

Switching cars has, in the past, helped me spice up my Rocket League experience. Yes, I know this sounds weird, but you know what I mean.

1. Think of Ranked as Series not Individual Games

Ok. We’ve made it to number one.

I’m going to reveal my new Rocket League strategy. This is something my brother and I have been using quite a bit lately. I’ve used this with lots of players who’ve played with me and I’ve hit GC multiple times doing this in the past six months. I even got to my highest MMR using this strategy.

This has to do with how you view ranked games. Instead of looking at ranked games individually, I like to look at them as part of a best of five series.

Jump on with your friends and start playing. You’re now in game one and you’ve just begun a best of five series. If you lost that game, it’s all good: it was just game one. Sometimes the series go to game five. Sometimes, it’s just three games. But for some reason, this has helped me.

It just helps you view each match better. When you lose, it can often keep you from getting down. Even if you get 3-0ed, you’ve just lost a series. It’s not the end of the world.

I’d love to hear from you guys if you try this out. I 100% believe it has helped me win more games. It has also helped me enjoy my ranked experience more.

Good Luck!

I hope you guys found these tips helpful!

Make sure to check out the coaches here at GamersRdy and check out my Rocket League Mechanics Mastercourse if you’re looking to improve your game.


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