6 Gift Ideas for Rocket League Players

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky at times.

Usually, getting something from an Amazon wishlist seems like the logical thing to do. But what if there was something more personal that you could give?

If you know that the person you’re buying for loves playing Rocket League, then that can help narrow things down considerably.

Here is a list of six gift ideas that you could get for anyone who plays Rocket League, regardless of age or location.

(Please note: None of the links below are affiliate or partner links, other than the GamersRdy coaching as that is our platform of course!)

1. Official Rocket League Merch

It’s no secret that the Rocket League merch that Psyonix have created is unique.

Back in December 2016, they teamed up with J!NX, who are now the official supplier of shirts, outwear, accessories and more.

This is a safe bet for anyone who likes Rocket League.

Edit: Since posting this article, the J!NX store no longer seems to partner with Rocket League Merch so you can check out this Redbubble site instead.

2. Rocket League Coaching Session with Metafy

Book a Rocket League coach or get a voucher for a friend

For many players, being able to improve at Rocket League is the biggest challenge.

Playing and watching videos will only get you so far, but having a coach watch and give you personal feedback is going to help a lot.

This present idea is perfect for anyone of any rank to improve their game.

3. Event Tickets

RLCS Season 8 Event in Madrid, Spain – Tickets from rocketleagueesports.com

If you’ve never been to a Rocket League event, then you’re missing out.

Anyone who has watched professional esports knows how entertaining the tournaments and crowds get.

Throw in a million-dollar prize pool and the competition goes up a whole other level.

Watching on Twitch is always an option, but being there in person is a million times better. Not all countries have LANs to attend, but you can find official tickets for these events here.

Edit: RIP Covid19…

4. Psyonix Credits

Blueprint Credits introduced in late 2019 can be purchased in-game

We’ve all seen the transition from Rocket League Crates to Blueprints.

This new system offers a more ethical approach to items and you no longer need to gamble your money away in the hope of getting those perfect wheels or that topper you love.

Credits are available from $2.99 and can be purchased for anyone.

5. Hot Wheels Toy Car

Tricky to find instore – also possible online through Amazon

Everyone loves a Hot Wheels car… especially if it’s an Octane!

If you’re lucky enough to find these in a local store, then you’ll be getting them cheaper. However, they’re pretty rare to find, so being able to buy them online is far simpler option.

There are obvious reasons behind buying Hot Wheels for a youngster. But have you thought about placing one in your PC next to your graphics card?

6. Xbox/PS4 Controller Rocket League-Themed Skin

Customise your own skins to make them Rocket League themed with sites such as dbrand.com

In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the of personalized controller skins both on Xbox and PS4.

The quality of these more recent decal skins is high and can be a protective layer as well as making the controller look even better.

They can even be removed and swapped out for another skin, so you’re never stuck with the same look.

Bonus #1: Rocket League Course

Enroll to unique Rocket League courses or get a voucher for a friend

For players who want to improve their understanding on the game in specific areas then a course is an ideal gift.

Even though there are some free resources on YouTube and blogs, there are nothing quite like the course experience which is organised, in-depth, interactive and far more involved than any video or guide you’ll find anywhere else.

Bonus #2: Personalised Card

Here are some examples from RedBubble

Each of these gifts ideas can be further personalised if you get a Rocket league birthday card as well.

If you’re getting any of the above gifts then it makes sense to present them in a Rocket League-themed card too!


Whether it be Birthday, Christmas, or any other cause for celebration, make sure you get on this sooner rather than later. You wouldn’t want the Rocket League lover in your life to be disappointed now, would you?

If you’re still looking for more ideas, why not join our community Discord server to chat with others about it?


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