When Should I Book A Rocket League Coach? (3 Tells)

In this piece, Trauma Llama explores some of the signs that you might be ready to take the plunge and find yourself a Rocket League coach.

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of sitting down with a few of the coaches from GamersRdy for my YouTube series Meet The Community.

In the course of our conversations, I was able to chat with them about what it’s like to be a Rocket League Coach and to discuss the most common mistakes students make in their gameplay.

As time went by, it became increasingly clear that there are a lot of benefits to players – either fairly fresh or hardened pros – getting a coach to help them out with their game.

With the RLCS season 7 World Championship seeing an increase of approximately 35k viewers from season 6, the game is definitely gaining more recognition. But with a growing awareness comes an increase of gamers striving to become the best of the best.

You might be on the fence, unsure of whether or not you should take the plunge and try Rocket League coaching. Here are three reasons why you should go for it:

‘I’ve been stuck in diamond forever!’ 

Interview with coach Fakey

That quote was actually taken from yours truly. I had been stuck in diamond rank for what seemed like an eternity!

No matter the rank that you find yourself in, this might very well be what you find yourself repeating over and over. You might be that gold who is pushing for plat or find yourself on the other side of the spectrum reaching for the oh-so-coveted Grand Champ title. But you just can’t seem to get there.

In my interview with Coach Fakey, he mentioned that the perfect time to get coaching is when you feel like you have hit a wall. Have someone analyze your gameplay, tell you what you are doing wrong, and provide some advice on how to get over that hump so you can get to that next level faster than if you tried to figure things out on your own.

Fakey also pointed out that, when you find yourself stuck in a rut, you may develop some bad habits that will further hinder your improvement.

Save yourself a lot of time and extra work and get a coach to help identify what you are doing wrong before you start acquiring any of those bad habits. 

‘I always get stuck with the worst teammates!’

Interview with coach Bismo

We can all relate. You get into a match and you are playing like Squishy Muffinz himself. You are the speediest car on the field and nothing can stop you…

…and then your teammate misses the ball… again, and again, and yet again.

What is the golden rule of solo queueing? Always blame your teammates! It’s definitely never your fault.

Take a moment, though, and try to look at things from a different point of view.

In his interview, Coach Bismo pointed out that there are things that you could be doing to improve your game when you find yourself in these situations. From what he has seen, the mistake people most often make when playing is not using their right joystick to view the field and see where their teammates are in the heat of the game.

Adding simple skills like this to your repertoire could help you make sure you are properly positioned on the field, and help avoid any unnecessary double commits on the ball.

So before you rage at every teammate you are queued with, make sure you are taking advantage of all the tools provided. Only then will you be the best teammate you possibly can be. 

‘I am headed to qualifiers this year!’

Interview with coach Doughnut King

During my interviews, I had a moment to talk with Doughnut King about his time as a GamersRdy coach. He mentioned that the thing he most commonly sees with his students is a lack of rotation.

With qualifiers for season 8 of RLCS officially having started, the try-hards and the sweaters are striving more than ever to make it big this year.

Most of you who are on the grind for the big leagues are at the top of your game and have been studying rotations and team plays for a while now. One last thing you might want to check off your list is if you and your team have had some coaching.

Having someone else take a look at how your team plays together, rotates around the field, and communicates, could not only help yourself improve but also help your team improve as a whole as you head to qualifiers.

Make sure your team is putting their best foot forward as you head into those qualifying matches.

Good Luck! 

GamersRdy is one of the many additional sources of help provided to us Rocket League players to help us improve our game and get better faster. They also produce great training packs and resources all ready to try out right away.

If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above or are just needing a little extra help with your gameplay, consider turning to the amazing team here for all your coaching needs! 


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