4 Reasons You Should Try ‘Gif Your Game’ (Review)

In this piece, GamersRdy founder AlexKF reviews the phenomenon of ‘Gif Your Game’ and encourages you to get involved.

Rocket League is all about moments. Even if you don’t win the match, sometimes, the moment feels even better than the win.

If you’ve been playing Rocket League for anything more than a few days you’ll quickly realize how good it feels to see yourself improve, as we’ve talked about before. This is often seen in goals, passing plays or saves.

Set any button on your keyboard or controller to save your clip

Being able to capture that moment is what lies behind ‘Gif Your Game‘.

As the home page and slogan describes it in all its simplicity: ‘Push a button. Get a gif. We handle the rest.’ In other words, if you want to save a moment (to share with others or just for your own analysis) then GYG is hands down the best application to do this.

What is Gif Your Game?

Gif Your Game is a tool that will create high-resolution video clips of your best gaming moments.

It is currently supported on PC for Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG and Rocket League. However, as the home page suggests ‘more games soon’, so keep an eye on their Twitter and Discord communities.

Quick overview of what the application (and humorous culture) that GYG is all about.

I wanted to break this article into the four features that I was considering before I went ahead with downloading and using GYG so hopefully this is a bit more useful than a simple ‘GYG is great’.

1. 1080p Resolution Video (not GIFs)

The first feature worth highlighting is the quality of the video clips. 1080p out of the box. This includes sound and as the website promises, there is no performance impact when you’re playing.

This is because the rendering and creation of your clip is done through GYG servers, rather than on your computer. Of course, the end product is a video .mp4 file, rather than a GIF for many reasons, namely quality, file size and sound.

2. Not just Rocket League & 100% free

It’s worth pointing out that, although GYG seems to be most popular among the Rocket League community, it can be used for the following games:

  • League of Legends
  • PUBG
  • Rocket League

As GYG say on their website ‘More games soon’ so watch this space!

Keep in mind that the tool is completely free. We don’t know the details of how or when it will be monetized but we can be sure that what we already have now is incredible value and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

3. Easy to share and organize

One of the main reasons to use GYG is to share your best moments with others.

The ability to share is super easy. You can also manage your clips with folders so you never lose track of where you’re at.

For example, using ‘Saves’, ‘Ceiling shots’ or ‘Passing plays’ can be a great way to keep everything organized.

Folders used to keep clips organized

4. Customize your watermark and clips

This is the sort of feature you might thing would have to be paid for. But not with GYG.

You can upload your own logo or graphic to display on all of your GIFs so if you’re trying to build your own brand up or just fancy something different, then this is a perfect feature to do that.

I was speaking with James (CEO of GifYourGame) and he kindly offered to include the GamersRdy logo in the next update which is now available to use. Next time you’re in there, change your watermark to ours and we’ll be sure to like your Tweet if you tag us in!

You can also edit the length of the clip and even make a mini montage of all your clips in one go.

You’ll also be notified by the GYG Discord bot when a clip has finished rendering and ready to share with others.

GYG Bot notifications on Discord

GYG Community and Future

There are plenty other features that GYG offers, so you’ll definitely have to download the application from GifYourGame.com to try it out. But there is more: for instance, community events.

The latest one was the #Sledge3K (featuring Rocket Sledge). As the page explained ‘Submit your best bump and demolition gifs to the #Sledge3k channel in the GYG Discord or tweet your clip with the hashtag #Sledge3k.’

It followed on with a break down of the prize pool for the event with 1st place taking $1,000 for the win. Of course, this event is over now but keep an eye out for more in the future.

Speaking of Rocket Sledge, here is one of his videos that helpfully gives an overview of GYG:

Innovation in gaming and esports should be recognized and it’s exactly these sort of tools and ideas that will help the industry thrive. It’s about the details and passion that the creators like GYG are doing that will make our gaming experience more fun.

The latest milestone of hitting 10 million Gifs is an indicator of the success that is to come.


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