Managing Your Rocket League Form and Fitness

In this article, RuneKingAlex explores the notion of form and gives you some tips for becoming more consistent a Rocket League player.

Rocket League is one of the most competitive video games out there.

If you want to make any sort of meaningful impact in higher ranks, you will have to commit to juggling the ball alone on a training ground for hours at a time. Brutal.

And then, there’s tilt. Form comes and goes, and throws off the most experienced players in the wink of a pinch shot.

Some afternoons will feel infused with magic as you pull off all manner of amazing skills, flowing from your hands into the gamepad. Others will feel like a drag as your leaden hands refuse to do anything you tell them to.

But as Rudyard Kipling wrote “if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters the same”… to which you could add “yours is the overtime and all the GG that’s in it and, what is more, you’ll be a Grand Champion, my son!”

Here are seven tips about how to manage your Rocket League form so as to keep it as consistent as possible.

Get Healthy & Fit

The reaction time needed for most skills makes Rocket League a game that relies on muscle memory first and, therefore, requires your peak physical and mental condition.

Mind your food. Mind your sleeping schedule. Make an exercise plan because this game is a lot more psychosomatic than you might think.

Just try it and you’ll see instant results. Go to sleep early. Eat a proper breakfast. Decide the times that you will play. Stick to a warm-up routine and I can guarantee that you will play at your best.

It makes sense. But a lot of players underestimate just how important their physical and mental well-being is. It’s the difference between a casual player and a pro.

All Things in Moderation

In Rocket League, most downfalls are related to extreme conditioning. Most players do things wrong because they are trying too hard or practising something wrong.

For example, ball chasing is caused by focusing on playing the ball too much. But if you ignore the ball altogether, you will stay out of reach from your teammates.

Rocket League is a rotational game where each player needs to be good at all positions. This will not happen if your schedule is entirely dedicated to one thing.

You will often encounter ‘flying squirrels’ who underestimate the impact of team play and ground coverage, and who lose to lesser-able players on a regular basis. Disconnecting counts as losing too.

Consider making a diverse training plan that encourages speed and vision as much as technique and accuracy.

Play all the Playlists

In my time, I have analysed a couple of hundred players, looking at their current rank and play-style. Most delivered their stats with a disclaimer: ‘…But I mostly play Solo/Doubles/Standard, so your data might be skewed’.

Most players decide which playlist is their specialism and, as a result, they only practice that form of Rocket League, ignoring the ones that don’t seem advantageous to them.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your training, turn off the playlists where your rank is above average and really grind the ones that challenge you.

Take a fresh look at what’s not ticking in the engine and fix it. Keep at it until you reach a certain equilibrium between playlists. Once you go back to playing your better playlists, you will definitely level up again.

Keep it Casual

Sometimes, there is no escaping the rage monster inside of you. The nerves required to succeed can quickly snap out of control. If you feel it happening, here’s a nice tip: troll the casuals. Go ahead, turn on all the casual playlists and become the most annoying little brother with a gamepad in the world.

Score against your own team. Ignore the ball. Play demolition derby. Stalk a player everywhere he goes. Try to beat the record for laps taken in a single match. The sky’s the limit and sometimes not even.

But don’t touch the keyboard. Don’t taunt other players, don’t respond to threat or mockery. Just have a good time being a secret troll.

After one game, you are bound to come away with a smile, ready to take on the next challenger with more calm and coolness.

Don’t Pity the Fools

Some players are toxic winners. Others are born winners. But most players are bad winners.

In Rocket League, it can be tough to watch another player fail. It’s heartbreaking. I know I often tend to lose my focus and play nicer. Sometimes, I go as far as to pretend I got lucky to cheer them up a little bit. Maybe they won’t get so affected in the next game?


Each time you concede some of your talent, each time you lower the bar for another player, each time you congratulate a pitiful attempt at coming back in a long-lost game, you are blasting away the effects of hours of your own training. It’s disrespectful to your coach, the game and, mostly, yourself.

When you encounter a player who you feel is below your level, bring all your attention to shutting them down as quickly as possible.

Deploy all the calm and cool that your inner shark can muster and mince them. Mince them good. Don’t mock their efforts. Just systematically destroy all their attempts and score the most that you can.

Rocket League is a mental game which is why toxic players are quite good at it. Don’t be toxic but do believe that you are an unstoppable force and act like one.

Crew Up

This could be the easiest or the hardest item on this list, but it’s definitely one of the most important. Being a part of a crew in Rocket League can be an amazing experience if you let it.

My very modest crew – of two – has seen members come and go throughout the months. But as a dynamic duo, we often felt invincible.

When a bad game happens, we cheer each other up in chat, we compliment what was done right and we comment on strategies and techniques. Suddenly, the game is not just in your head anymore: it’s a living thing that is out there in the world and we are a team facing it.

Of course, you will also know each other better so it’s easier to play but, beyond that, a crew will have the most positive effect on your consistency and playstyle. Share the struggle and you will multiply the glory.

You can join our Discord community and find players who are looking to team up for some matches. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a team to join.

Get a Coach and know the meta

I’ve saved this tip for last because, if you take anything away from this guide, this should be it. Booking a coach is certainly not a shortcut. If anything, it will mean you need to work even harder to up your game. Getting to grips with the meta is also helpful. Again, don’t just do this for the sake of knowing what’s trending, but these trends are often the meta because they’re actually useful.

Sometimes, Rocket League will seem impossible. I certainly feel that way coming out of RLCS. Having third-party advice from a paid professional is the best way to unravel the mysteries of what makes a pro player tick.

Get a coach to have a look at your replays. Check in with a community. And, generally, inform yourself.

You’ll see that, very often, much of the magic in Rocket League is actually a science.


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