12 underrated Rocket League YouTubers you should subscribe to

In this post, AlexKF gives you the low down on the Rocket League YouTuber channels whose content you shouldn’t be missing this year.

As you’ll know, there are plenty of YouTubers creating amazing Rocket League content. But many don’t get enough attention.

If you’re looking for a new YouTuber to keep an eye on in 2020 then you’ll bound to come across Wayton.

We all know about the Jon Sandman, the SunlessKhans, FLuuMPs, the SquishyMuffinz and so on. But what about those with a smaller following?

Well, here is a list of the ones I think you should subscribe to…

1. Rocket Sledge

With plenty of experience of the more physical side of Rocket League – *ahem, demos* – Rocket Sledge’s channel is certainly entertaining and it going through an ever-increasing production quality.

To find out more, check out his recent article about demolitions in Rocket League.

Latest video by Rocket Sledge:

2. Snap10a

Snap is documenting his journey as a low-ranked player (bronze to platinum), giving his audience a unique and relatable narrative to follow.

He generally creates guides around different aspects of the game, including half flips, aerials and wall plays, to name a few.

Latest video by Snap10a:

3. Sir Classy

With slick editing and particularly high production values, there is every reason to follow Sir Classy.

What you’ll get is a mixture of game updates, challenges and tutorials, all of which is delivered with a wicked sense of humour.

Latest video:

4. Yukeo

As you might know if you read our RLCS Roster moves pre Season 7 article, Yukeo is a professional Rocket League player who features for Dignitas.

His recent series ‘Road to Grand Champ in 1v1’ is full of great skill and worth keeping an eye on.

Latest video:

5. Dylbobz

If you’re into the cosmetics and trading side of Rocket League, then look no further.

Dylbobz creates short clips focused around making your car look and sound better. Expect new item discoveries, season rewards and plenty of technical tutorials too.

Latest video:

6. Virge

There is little doubt that, if you’re looking for high-quality advice from a professional Rocket League coach, then Virge is the man to subscribe to.

His unique set of videos dig into technical areas of gameplay such as passing, rotations or car control. You can also book Virge for a personal coaching session on GamersRdy if you’re looking for that extra detailed help.

Latest video:

7. LEDxRL3

The content that LED creates will make you see Rocket League mechanics in a whole new way.

His uploads focus around mechanical challenges, such as air dribbles or flip resets, which many players are unable to do with this sort of consistency required.

Latest video:

8. OSM

Known as one of the best 1v1 players in the world, OSM always uploads incredible gameplay and montage videos, as well as funny moments or series such as Road to Grand Champ with Keyboard and Mouse. OSM is also a coach on GamersRdy, so if you’re wanting in-depth analysis you can book a private 1 to 1 coaching session with him.

Latest video:

9. Ganer

We’ve already spoken about talented players but there is no doubt that Ganer is one of the best.

Having recently achieved 12 flip resets, he is known as the ‘Flip Reset King’ and publishes content around freestyling in Rocket League.

Latest video:

10. Kevpert

If you’re wanting to get some quality video guides, then look no further.

Kevpert jumps into the detail of so many different areas of Rocket League including back-wall defence, tornado flicks power clears, delayed flicks, doomsee dish and so on.

Latest video:

11. WASDCommunity

The WASDCommunity is very entertaining. With the more recent videos series branded as ‘Potato League’ there is plenty to watch and enjoy.

The channel is doing an incredible job and regularly pushes out new content each week.

Latest video:

12. Fusure

As one of the #preflipgang you should definitely subscribe to Fusure to keep on top of some insane plays with other top players like Jhzer & OSM.

Latest video:

If you have additional YouTube channels or videos to share, feel free to add them in the comments section below.


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