Thank you, Jake – Coaching from GamersRdy to TSM

One of the biggest advantages that Jake found in using the platform was in being able to explain his skill as a coach on his profile page. Showing videos, achievements, availability and reviews were all part of demonstrating that he was worth hiring. This made it much easier for players to decide if they wanted to hire him and helped set the right expectations.

Jake had also been coaching We Dem Girlz (the revived EU team with Remkoe, EyeIgnite and Metsanauris) and was seeing huge success with them. The ELEAGUE Cup 2018 saw them invited to LAN and convincingly beat Cloud9 in the finals.

With this win and the previous success at RLCS, they were snatched up by esports organisation Team SoloMid (TSM) who decided to sign their first ever Rocket League team. Fast forwards a month and the decision to have Jake also join TSM as their official Rocket League coach was agreed.

The narrative of Jake being a successful player, then moving into his coaching role with GamesRdy and now coaching for one of the largest esports organisations is inspiring, to say the least.

Finally, it was great to see Jake contribute (starting at 0:35) to the GamersRdy montage

Jake’s feedback on how the GamersRdy platform works has also been invaluable. It is with great sadness that Jake is moving on to bigger and better places, but we wish him the very best and have thoroughly enjoyed working together over the past 6 months. Keep smashing it.


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