Get past your Opponent with these 3 Clever Goals

In this article, Musty looks at three sure-fire methods for moving the ball past an opponent in Rocket League.

For most people trying to get better at Rocket League, the question of how to get the ball into the back of the net can often be overlooked. Something so simple as scoring can hardly need careful thought, right?

Wrong! Positioning and rotation are extremely important aspects of the game but they can only get you so far. To be a well rounded player, you need to also have a strong mechanical repertoire, especially in offensive situations.

I’m Musty and in this article, I’ll be talking about three of my favourite ways to get the ball around the opponent in Rocket League.

1) Low 50/50

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Starting with the simplest strategy, we have the low 50/50. Low 50/50s can be used in a variety of situations and it can be extremely useful when you’re low on boost.

A low 50/50 is when you keep the ball low in front of your car and wait for the opponent to come to you. When he tries to make contact with the ball, do everything possible to get better contact on the ball than him.

That could involve, single jumping, flipping, or not jumping at all depending on the situation. The goal is to absorb his hit well enough to push the ball right under him and give yourself a chance of scoring.

2) Flip Reset

Next up, we have the flip reset.

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Normally, after you use your first jump, you only have 1.5 seconds to use your second jump to flip. But if you manage to get a flip reset, you can use your second flip even after that 1.5 seconds is up. This can really catch the opponents off-guard.

To successfully get a flip reset, you need all four of your car’s wheels to make contact with a surface, such as the ball. The best way to do this advanced mechanic is to pop the ball up, turn your car upside down, boost towards the ball, and right before you’re about to touch the ball, push down on your analogue stick and caress the ball with all four wheels and flip. In-Game:

This is easier said than done of course as it involves a lot of advanced movements, so I recommend using this training pack to practice popping the ball up and trying to get a flip reset.

Flip Reset Practice Training Pack Code:

Training Pack Example:

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3) The Unstoppable Move (Air Dribble Bump Strategy)

Last on the list is what has been called the “unstoppable move.” It’s an air dribble bump strategy which is not saveable if you can execute it properly.

This move can be started from either the ground or the wall. For the purpose of explaining, though, I’m assuming you’re starting it from the ground.

To pull off this move, you need the ball to be bouncing or rolling towards you so that your first touch can get some height. The start is basically a normal ground to air dribble where you want to get a few touches on the ball after you pop it up.

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Once you get enough touches on the ball where you know it will go in the goal without bouncing, change your focus to bumping the defender. Boost and position your car in front of the ball where the defender will be forced to jump to try to save the ball.

If done properly, your car should be shielding the ball path and the defender will be forced to get bumped by you.

In-depth tutorial:

These are three of my favourite offensive strategies in Rocket League! It may take a while for you to get these down but I hope you can start implementing these, along with other mechanics and strategies, into your game.

If you’d like additional offensive tips or a full replay analysis, consider checking out my coaching profile and booking a session!


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